Mindful Meditation

♥ Your Brain Is Filled with Intrusive Thoughts

When you wake up in the morning, your brain is filled with constant thoughts that seem to go in a variety of directions. In some cases, you are able to think about multiple topics at the same time so that you can perform several tasks at the same time. There are also intrusive thoughts that can make you feel different emotions, including sadness or anger

♥ Negative Thinking Makes Us Feel Terrible

Throughout the day, there are additional thoughts that enter your head, and unfortunately, our brains tend to have a lot of negative thinking. This self-talk can include worrying about your daily commute to work, and you may also begin to obsess about your difficult boss. Alternatively, you might start to think about the other issues in your life, such as your financial problems, arguments with a spouse or the problems with your children. The list of negative thoughts can expand throughout the day, making you feel worse mentally and physically.

♥ Meditation Can Help You Avoid Bad Thinking Patterns

You might wonder how you can eliminate this bad thinking pattern from your life, and the answer is by using meditation. With meditative practice, you can stop the negative thinking patterns that can lead to having a bad day because you are expecting that to happen.

♥ Meditation Is Also About Controlling Thinking

While some individuals believe that meditation is only about emptying the mind of all thoughts for a few minutes, if you become better at the practice, then you can use it to have positive thinking patterns rather than having negative thinking patterns. During meditation, you can empty your mind, but you can't have an empty mind throughout the day while functioning in the real world.

♥ You Must Train Your Brain to Think Differently

Rather that trying to turn your mind off, you must train your brain to think differently. If you only try to empty your brain, then you can have other physical or mental difficulties. Continually trying to suppress your thinking isn't always helpful, but you can learn how to redirect your thinking. With training, you can learn how to turn your negative thoughts into positive thinking quickly, but it will take practice. You can change your thinking patterns with the right types of skills. The good news is that you can train your brain to cope differently with negative thoughts, but you will need help with the process.

♥ Negative Thinking Patterns Can Undermine Our Health

For some individuals, changing the self-talk of the brain is easy while for others, it is more challenging. One of the most popular ways that meditation schools teach students about their thoughts is by comparing their thoughts to the floating clouds in the sky. However, my favorite exercise involves replacing the clouds with images of the vehicles on the street.
While you are standing on the sidewalk, you will notice that every three vehicles is a bright yellow taxicab that represents your thoughts. If you want to ride in the taxicab, then you will wave to the driver who will stop along the curb to pick you up.

However, you haven't thought about where the taxicab is going to take you, and you also have no specific destination in mind. The driver just keeps traveling along as the meter increases leading to a higher cost for the ride to a place where you didn't want to go.
This is how we permit our negative thinking to take over our lives, leading to an assortment of health consequences that can damage our physical and mental well-being.

♥ Learning the Proper Meditation Techniques

By not controlling or redirecting your thoughts, you are undermining your own health. While you may not have any control over the way other individuals communicate with you or think about you, it is possible for you to control your own thinking by learning the proper meditation techniques.

How do I know that learning meditation is the best thing for my students? 

I know that none of my students wants to feel depressed or anxious, and they also don’t want to experience constant anger from thinking negative thoughts the majority of the time. Our brains need exercise just like the rest of our bodies do, so by starting a meditation-training program, you can begin the crucial steps toward changing your thinking patterns. Incorporating mindful meditation into your brain can improve your life, helping you to feel calmer and in control.

♥ Choose What Is Important for You

With the mindful meditative practices, you can choose to stop thinking about the negative things, or alternatively, you can place these thoughts on hold to cope with the issues later. This gives you the ability to consider what is important to you and what you should stop worrying about each day. You will become more alert about what is happening around you rather than zoning out because your brain is engrossed in its negative thinking pattern.

♥ Planning Your Own Future

You are probably thinking that it is essential to think about the past, the future or today, and this is true, but you should have the ability to decide when you will think about these things rather than allowing your mind to take over your thinking at an inopportune time. This allows you to plan your day and your future to have the best outcome for your life.

♥ Begin Learning Mindful Meditation Today

Mindful meditation is a lifelong journey that will require frequent practice. However, you will begin to notice its beneficial effects, making you want to meditate several times each day. You will also choose the right times for meditating to have the most benefits for you. You might choose to meditate when you wake up before you begin getting your children ready for school, and you may meditate again before you begin driving a vehicle on a busy street. I believe that meditation offers benefits for everyone, so you can begin learning how to meditate today.

Janice Neuzil | Derek Wolf

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